Bean Leaf Cup | Your Ultimate Guide To All Things Coffee & Tea!


Your Ultimate Guide To All Things Coffee & Tea!

Let’s chat over coffee or tea! Tips inside on beans, leaves, brewers, and more to help you make your perfect cup.

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Discover the world of coffee, from its rich history to the art of brewing the perfect cup. Learn about different types of coffee beans, roasting methods, and tips for making your favorite coffee drinks at home.

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Explore the diverse and aromatic world of tea. Understand the differences between green, black, herbal, and other tea varieties. We’ll guide you through the origins, brewing techniques, and health benefits of each type.

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Drink Recipes

Get creative with our collection of drink recipes. Whether you’re in the mood for a warm latte or a refreshing iced tea, we have easy-to-follow recipes to satisfy your cravings. Perfect for both beginners and experienced beverage enthusiasts.

Hey There! I’m Millie

I’m a total brew nerd when it comes to coffee and tea!

I love exploring different beans and leaves, brewing techniques, and the rich aromas and flavors of a well-crafted cup.

Whether it’s the freshly roasted beans of coffee or the aromatic leaves of tea, I enjoy learning new tips and tricks to brew the perfect cup.

I’m always eager to share my discoveries about different roasts, brewing methods, and recipes with both coffee and tea fanatics.

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